Great feedback from attendees!

An overwhelming majority of Catholic Men’s Conference attendees had a great time and plan to attend next year.

Survey Results

A recent online survey of men reflected the hand-written feedback forms submitted at the day-long event. Take a look at these incredibly encouraging highlights.

Only 2% of men disagreed with the following statements:

  • In regards to the logistics …
  • Information about the conference was easy to find.
  • Registering was easy.
  • Checking in on the morning of the event was easy.
  • There were enough breaks between activities.
  • I knew where to go and what to do throughout the day.
  • The food served for lunch was good.
  • The venue was good.
  • In regards to the activities and guest speakers …
  • The speaker topics were good.
  • At least one of the talks had a great impact on my life.
  • In regards to the effects of the conference …
    • “By the end of the event, I felt motivated to be a better man.”
    • “I am doing better in my spiritual life (Mass attendance, prayer, frequenting the sacraments, etc.).”
    • “I will attend next year.”

Data helps form future conferences

We’re using all of the data we collected – both good and bad feedback – to make next year’s event even more valuable!

Here are some other interesting details:

  • No one thought the conference was too short, but 35% thought the conference was too long.
  • 67% said the sound system worked well.
  • 87% said it’s good to have Mass at the conference.
  • 27% said having a famous speaker influenced their decision to attend (46% disagreed), while 83% said they would attend next year, even if they were not familiar with the speakers.
  • 50% said they met some new friends or got to know some men better.
  • 54% said they plan to get more involved with a ministry at their home parish.

More quotes

Read these comments from attendees:

“Very well done. Logistics/scheduling worked like a well-oiled machine!”

“Springfield Catholic High School was a good location. Having the stadium seating from the gym worked well.”

“The speakers’ list was SO IMPRESSIVE”

“It was an honor to see Butker and learn how his faith has influenced him on and off the field.”

“Loved the lunch ‘breakout session’”

“I felt great about the conference and would like to help more next year”

“It was a great day”

“I have been to many conferences. Your was one of the better ones”

” (I felt) empowered and encouraged … Great group of guys to be around that could really help me grow through their wisdom.”

“I felt renewed and ready to retake on the world.”

“(I felt) uplifted”

“Thought-provoking and motivating.”

” (I felt) spiritually inspired”

What’s next?

We’re already planning next year’s conference. We have a date and a well-known keynote speaker selected. Stay tuned for those announcements.

We’re looking for champions:

We are praying for an end to the pandemic and plan to fill the stadium in 2022. Will you volunteer to promote this event in your parish? We’ll give you all the resources you need (handouts, talking points, and more). Just reply to this email and let us know you want to be a “parish champion.”

Feed your soul:

Until next year, stay involved in activities for Catholic men. Our news and resources blog has lots of things you can attend to help you grow in your faith.

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